Forgotten Berlin

A Series About Abandoned Places

Mysterious places that tell tales from the past are unfortunately increasingly difficult to find in times of large-scale investment in Berlin. One needs to look very closely. Nevertheless, they still exist, these intriguing places with an appeal that is hard to convey in words. And that is precisely the quintessence of Forgotten Berlin. It is not only about photography or fashion; rather it is a fascination for our hometown’s forgotten places, which in the near future may no longer exist. For young people from around the world, Berlin is a beloved destination for self-realization, to experiment and be immersed in this continual contrast of history and rapid change. The city is in constant flux, ruins get demolished, condominiums built, and free spaces curbed. With Forgotten Berlin, we are looking for traces in the debris of bygone eras that lead to locations far away from hot spots or brilliant attractions to places that are as unsettling as they are fascinating. It goes beyond rotten floors, well-trodden paths to ruins, warehouses and abandoned spaces. It is a journey of discovery, through which our photo shoots place a piece of the past in modern context. Forgotten Berlin is a tribute to the beauty of decay, as well as a contemporary record to capture a moment in time.

Chapter One: The Vacant Refugee Camp


Chapter Two: The Public Indoor Swimming Pool Shanty

Chapter Three: The Abandoned Airport

Chapter Four: The Urban Jungle House

Chapter Five: The Shuttered Brewery

Chapter Six: The Lost and Famous Racetrack

Producer: Timo Keller
Photographer: Oliver Kristen
Video Chapter One: Bruce Thompson, Oliver Ajkovic
Music: Mathis Ruffing – Art Of Mois
Video Chapter Six: Bruno Papić
Text Translation: Amber Grünhäuser