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A Story of Falling Down and Getting Back Up Again

Text: Henrik Kürschner

My name is Henrik and I‘m a real Berliner, one from the West. For all of you who don’t know me yet: I am an artist, designer, DJ & cyclist. I do a lot of things, among other things I created Designer Toys with the guys from Coarse Toys for a while, I have always been deejaying with guys like Kalle Kuts, DJ Alex from Such a Sound, DJ Zen, André Langenfeld just to name a few friends. I was also one of the guys who published the Sneakers Magazine for some time, but that was a long time ago. I did some things with Lodown Magazine and was with the Berliners of Style & the Family Tunes for a measly hundred issues.

Switching from Skateboard to Bike

After 25 years on the skateboard I ended up on the bike. I was in Tokyo and was supposed to interview a friend, which I did, but then he said we should ride together. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the right condition, neither physically (much too fat and immobile and above all zero motivation), nor mentally, because the idea of physical exercise didn’t seem so beneficial to me at that moment. Hiroshi, my friend from Tokyo, refused to let it go and talked for more than two hours. It came as it had to come, I agreed. We cycled through a sultry Tokyo night on wheels that are otherwise only seen on cycle tracks. There was nothing on the bike, not even brakes and what makes it worse: You always have to pedal, because it’s a rigid hub and it only does what you do. After a bloody knee and a stubborn sod that didn’t want what I wanted, I went to Yoyogi Park at night and practiced a bit. I wanted to get better on this bike and I was going to get better someday. After a few more trips I went home with the heaviest sore muscles in the world and a mission: I need a bike.

Arriving in Berlin, I immediately went to the bikee shop of my choice and bought a bike. From then on, I immediately started cycling, even through the whole winter. I said to myself: Spring will come again and I’ll go on. I‘ll just cycle and sell my car, because for me owning a car no longer makes any sense. And I started cycling everywhere. I’ll never forget how hard it was to ride to Müggelsee and then come home again and eat everything, I mean literally EVERYTHING that the fridge gave away. And after everything edible was gone, I had no choice but to go to the chicken man on Sonnenallee and then I spent another 20 Euros at the Späti, getting another Spezi or three or four Spezis for putting them right next tot he bed, just to be safe. I thought I had to eat up the world, I swear to you. So that’s how it started, a fat man on thin tires.

From then on I really got going. On my first tour we drove from London to Paris in two days. I can’t tell you how madly I cried under the Eiffel Tower. Never have I loved Paris more than at this moment. For the next tour we went to Japan and then to the Messenger World Championships. Falling down and getting up, again and again, that was the motto. After a longer stop in Hong Kong, I am now back in my home, Berlin and now I know that this is my city, it will always be. And whatever I do, my bike is with me, always.

HHV x Schindelhauer

So much for my story about cycling. When the folks at HHV called, asking me if I wanted to test a bike, I didn’t hesitate at all. When I learned with which bike manufacturer HHV had teamed up, there was only a short “Wohoo” from me and off I went. I’ve known Schindelhauer Bikes for several years and I knew that they make really special bikes. Together with HHV they now have made a slick black singlespeed with reflective details, a bag at the front of the rack and a lot of cycling fun.

Limited to only 20 bikes, this piece is a full jackpot for everyone who can call it his own. It didn’t take long until the all black »Jacob« – the Night Rider – arrived, ready for rides in the sun and in the dark. Quite subtle at first glance, but actually a hell of a bike. Especially the belt drive makes everything unimaginably quiet and gives you this wonderful feeling of gliding through the city silently. Riding to Wannsee on sunny days, returning home throught the Grunewald with sunburn on your arms, cruising through the city nights, meeting friends, exploring hidden paths – pure bliss. The soundtrack on your ears being, of course, the best selection from HHV, which is sung from the heart with a big smile on your face. By the way, I also tried the bag on that occasion and I can tell you: It’s the bomb. Bathing shorts, towel, sun lotion, Spezi, all in. Summer will be amazing.


Not only did I test the bike and found it to be quite flawless, I also had the chance to visit the good people of Schindelhauer to talk to them about their company history and of course the HHV x Schindelhauer special edition bike. The whole story about my visit at Schindelhauer in Berlin-Kreuzberg will be up right here in the HHV Journal very soon. So stay tuned!

Available from June 6th – online & instore

The HHV x Schindelhauer »Jacob« is limited to 20 individually numbered bikes, will be exclusively available online and instore at HHV from 6 June 2019 (6 p.m.). Together with the good guys from Schindelhauer, this collab will be celebrated extensively at a launch event at the HHV Store with free food & drinks, an exciting cycling duel and good music. Come through!

6/6/19 | 6-10 pm | HHV Store | Grünberger Str. 54 | 10245 Berlin
Launch Event | Veloduell | Food & Drinks | Music