journal.wav No 4

Welcome to Discoland!

The latest playlist on our HHV is a tribute to Disco, coming from two members of the HHV team who love the genre and form a wonderful Disco-Sympiosis.

»Growing up with the rap tapes that my older cousins gave me on cassette or burned CD, I initially had little reference to other music genres. However, my enthusiasm for rap grew so fast that I began to explore every sample and was able to enjoy different sounding pieces of music so quickly. Besides Jazz, Soul and Funk Disco is a genre that can be found again and again in different beats. Disco has been an integral part of rap since its inception. Back then, for example, the Sugarhill Gang reenacted the disco song Good Times by Chic for their wellknown hit Rapper’s Delight. Nowadays rappers still use disco samples as often as they used to. Tyler, The Creator uses a sample of Bibi Mascel for the song I THINK from his new album. Due to the seemingly constant positive vibes in disco music, it became a part of rap for me and burned itself into my head like a laser burning ribbed MP3s onto a CD in the ’00s.«
– Oliver Kristen (photograhy & creative direction)

»Disco music is colorful, silly, over-excited, sexy, open, LGBTQ, driving, futuristic, funny and above all dance music. A performance of joie de vivre, escapism and excess. It forms the framework for house music and has decisively influenced electronic music. One of the most famous tracks of Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder I feel love is timeless and at 130 bpm it fits well into a techno mix. The statement I love you, but I’ve chosen disco is no accident.
– Elif Yuca (art direction)