Fela Kuti by Rick McGinnis

Fela Kuti x Carhartt WIP

Fela Kuti marks the beginning of the era of Afrobeat and Afropop. The Nigerian music legend is regarded as one of the most important cultural voices of the African continent, whose influence is present to this day and probably forever. Kuti was a pioneer and founder of the Afrobeat genre, combining elements of West African music with American funk and jazz to create a highly energetic and completely new fusion.

But Fela Kuti was and is so much more than that: A political activist and formative cultural figure, deeply revered in his native Nigeria and far beyond, more relevant today than ever before. There are not many people whose genius is globally appreciated to this extend, who touch and inspire people across decades and generations.

Thus it is no coincidence that Carhartt WIP dedicates the most extensive musical tribute collection to date to Fela Kuti. Reflecting the spirit of this exceptional artist with iconic designs and details, the designs are inspired by Kuti’s music and the rich culture of Nigeria. Allover »FELA« prints in vibrant colours are accompanied by shirts, T-shirts and longsleeves with references to lyrics and songs such as »Expensive Shit« or »Puff Puff Pass«. The quote »Drugs Are Not Allowed In The Shrine« printed on the sleeve of a longsleeve refers to an inscription at the entrance to Fela Kuti‘s New Afrika Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria. All collection pieces are adorned with the joint logo design, which was created especially for the collaboration.

The collection is complemented by a special edition vinyl, a reissue of the legendary Live in Detroit 1986 recording, limited to 500 copies, which is only available at a few selected shops worldwide.

In a place where cultures meet, where everyone can learn from each other, Carhartt WIP is the right initiator, as the brand that has been bringing together youth cultures as well as decades of musical and political movements unlike any other. Like a statement that is understood intuitively everywhere and by everyone. This form of communcation is very close to the definition of music as the universal language. While some people express themselves and bond with others through music, others wear a piece of clothing in order to communicate with allies.

Carhartt WIP offers an all-round experience, embedding the collection into the right context: NTS founder Femi Adeyemi offers a little history lesson by diving into Fela Kuti’s musical and political legacy in his feature on the Carhartt WIP Journal, accompanied by an NTS Radio Show.

»One Day Go Be One Day«

In collaboration with Dazed & Confused Magazine, NTS and Carhartt WIP, London-based artist Akinola Davies Jr. a.k.a. Crack Stevens has created a documentary short film called »One Day Go Be One Day«. Check the trailer:


And in that common place where music and fashion, culture and lifestyle come together, HHV has always felt at home.We look forward to celebrating the release of the Fela Kuti x Carhartt WIP Tribute Collection with you tomorrow, Thursday, April 4th – an event in cooperation with the J.A.W. Family, for the community, in honor of Fela Kuti who dedicated his life to his art and beliefs.

Besides goodies like the screening of the short film “One Day Go Be One Day”, free drinks & authentic African Cuisine and Ping Pong we’ll have a proper musical (vinyl only) line up for you, thanks to the good people of the J.A.W. Family:

DJ Nomad
Eli Pavel
Massimo Di Lena

Please check the event info on Facebook: HHV & J.A.W Family present Fela Kuti x Carhartt WIP Release – 4.April 2019

The Fela Kuti x Carhartt WIP Tribute Collection including the limited edition vinyl reissue is available at HHV: www.hhv.de/shop/en/fela-kuti-x-carhartt-wip and can be purchased at our release event.

Visual content: Carhartt WIP & Rick McGinnis