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Blinded By The Night

In case you have been living under a rock these days, you might not have a clue about our collab with Schindelhauer Bikes. Ok, maybe you’re a few steps ahead of us in terms of healthy lifestyle and mindfulness and you’ven been on digital detox. Now that would definitely be a very good excuse why you haven’t seen the immaculate HHV x Schindelhauer »Jacob« bike yet.

Who doesn’t love cycling through the city at night, exploring hidden paths and letting the mild summer breeze blow. Feels like a million bucks. Our head of artistic design, creative director, photographer, illustrator, all-round talent and old hand here at HHV, Martin a.k.a. V.Raeter has put together a superb playlist inspired by cycling through the city at night* that will turn even the most anti-bike grouch into a professional cyclist. Centered around good tunes from the UK, we come across artists such as The Streets, Skepta, slowthai, Little Simz and others. But of course you can’t go without a few classic hymns such as “Born to roll” by Masta Ace or “Sure Shot” by the Beastie Boys.

So turn it up and may you always have enough air in your tires (is that a saying?).


*Attention please: Important message – listening to music while cycling is against traffic regulations and basically dangerous behaviour. Of course we advise against it.